Highlight of My Life

by BenjaSoul

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I ain't satisfied with having money or fame, playing the game
Going insane just trying to make it to tomorrow
I gotta know that I am going somewhere, taking a dare,
Writing my songs, and do my singing for a living

How many brothers do you know who go for it
Stepping out on faith, entering the race
No matter what happens?
I'm gonna make my mark out on the scene,
Whatever means necessary to tell you 'bout my story 'cause

Music is the Highlight of my Life

Don't give me long walks on the beach
Holding hands on city streets
Don't give me dinner and a date unless the music's pumping
Don't give me romantic nights
Don't give me dramatic fights
Just give me backbeat and a vocal mic that's thumping

I feel like I could just fly, tear a hole in the sky
Write my name into the clouds using a magic marker
I feel like I could just dance
You want to talk about romance
How 'bout turning up the stereo because

Music is the Highlight of my Life

Burnin' up the treble and intensify the bass
My microphone is in your dome the sound is in your face
Let my rhythm vision influence your every movement so you
Groovin' with your hips and dancin' all over the place
Do you know the feeling when the club is hoppin' never stoppin'
Beats are droppin' Eyes are poppin'
Somethin' fixin' to explode
Ain't no secret code,
Unlock the secret of your mental state
I'm 'bout to legislate about your body
Open to the dictates of a higher calling
Feels like I'm falling
But I'm soaring on an unexpected trajectory
Filling up the atmosphere with lack of fear and
Channeling the greatness of humanity
It's not insanity, it's how God planned it to be
Intended to be, Sending to me, Calling and Demanding of me,
Filled up with the mystery,
Reminding me to tell you all to have a good time!

Music is the highlight of my Life


released July 7, 2014



all rights reserved


BenjaSoul Berkeley, California

BenjaSoul is the R&B/hip-hop project of Benjamin Mertz, a gospel choir director, jazz pianist, flutist, and music educator living in California's East Bay. BenjaSoul is dedicated to moral, socially conscious, intelligent, compassionate, challenging art and music. ... more

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